Sunday, July 31, 2016

2nd Break and Redraw Nearing

21 levels are complete in the Monolith and the field is down to 29. Levels move to 40 minutes long when action resumes. We'll update chipcounts at the 27-player redraw, and as we take a look across the field, here's who we see still in the field

Danna Deatherage, Vincent Chung, Duane Jarrett, Sylvia Day, Vikram Bhatia, Tawriq Salman, Rafael Gonzales, Cheng Xiong, Nick Colvin, Amber Chatwin, Walter Robertson, Joe Christman, Edward Gonzalez, Darrell Cain, Jim Pak, Felipe Leme, Jean Houle, Anne Jones, Humberto Covarrubias, Randy Gil, Mike Harvey and Clive Berkman