Friday, July 22, 2016

55 Left in 1B

Day 1B of the $155 Catapult with a $100,000 Guarantee (that has now been covered, with 2 full flights to go) has just started Level 14 - blinds of 2000/4000 with 500 antes - and is down to 55 players.

This means Day 1B is 26 players from the money. Players finishing 24-29th place today are going to cash for $300 and NOT advance to Sunday's Day 2.

The final 23 players in Day 1B are going to stop, bag-n-tag, then come back at 1pm Sunday to join the 22 players from Day 1A, and the players advancing from Days 1C/D/E to make the full Day 2 field.

Dan Ross -