Sunday, July 31, 2016

Aces Cracked

Stuart Tuvey moves all in and James 'Sarge' Glenn calls for what looks to be almost equal stacks of around 75k each.

Jeff Khomani debates from the BB, but decides not to join in on the action.

Tuvey - 44
Glenn - AA

The drama ended pretty fast when a 4 popped in the window. The board ran out 8-9-T-6.

The dealer counts out Tuvey's stack, 72,3000, then Glenn's and Tuvey has Glenn covered by less than 1BB, eliminating Glenn for a $750 cash.

Stuart Tuvey - 156,000

Level - 16
Blinds - 2000/4000
Antes - 500
Players - 75

Dan Ross-