Friday, July 29, 2016

Bet, Raise, Raise, Raise, Raise

Day 1C
Chang Xiong leads out for 1,000 on a 5♣️ J♣️ 3♦️ J♠️ board. Jaime Rones bumps it to 2,175 and Justo Avalos calls. Xiong 3-bet bumps it to 3,575, only to see Rones 4-bet to 6,575.

Wait, it's not over.

Avalos 5-bet shoves for 19,000, leaving Xiong and Rones calls for their tournament lives .. and yes, it is level ONE ...

Xiong finds a fold, but Rones says he's gotta call but thinks he is behind.

Rones shows JT and he is behind the JK of Avalos.

The river is a Q and Avalos gets the BIG early pot, while Xiong is in disbelief, saying he laid down 33. He sais he figured when he 3-bet, then ended up with there being a 5-bet shove that his 33 had to be behind and one of the other two had to be holding 55, J3 or J5 for better boats.

Nope, they both had trips ...

Justo Avalos - 39,000
Chaing Xiong - 10,100

This took so long to write up that there's was a LevelUp, so action is now at

Level - 2
Blinds 75/150
Players - 101

Dan Ross -