Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Build a Better Bankroll Today

Play today at 11am for $140, make the final 12 percent of the starting field and earn $1,000 - that's how Event 7 of the #AnteUpWorlds, the Bankroll Builder works.

Start with 10,000 chips and play 20-minutes until down to 12 percent of the field, then the tourney ends and the remaining players get a grand each. late registration - and a single re-entry per person - runs until 12:45pm, the start of Level 7.

All players also chop evenly the total Player of the Series points available for the event.

The Live Updates team has the day off today, so tournament notices are going out but there's no play-by-play today. The team returns on Thursday at 4pm for the kickoff of the $425 Monolith.