Thursday, July 28, 2016

First $250,000 GTD Monolith Flight 4pm Today

7 of the 10 largest poker tournaments in northern California history have been our $425 DeepStack. Now this tournament has its own name - the Monolith - and it returns today at 4pm with the first of four starting flights and an expected overall field of near 1,000 total entries.

15,000 starting stacks, 30-minute levels for the first 20 levels, 40-minutes after that .. 12 percent of the field makes the money and 10 percent of each starting flight advances to Sunday's Day 2.

First Place receives a $1,650 #AnteUpWorlds Main Event seat as part of their prize package.

Players may enter once per flight, and have one available re-entry per flight also. This is a best-stack-forward tournament, so making the top 10 percent in one flight does not prevent you from playing a later flight and trying to end with a better chipstack for Day 2. Make Day 2 from more than 1 flight, and your smallest chipstack is cashed out as a Day 2 mincash.

Day 1B is 11am Friday, Day 1C at 4pm Friday.

Saturday's Flight D is traditionally a massive field. Play early and avoid the rush ...