Friday, July 29, 2016

Harvey Bags 497k to Lead Day 1A

Your starting flight has nothing to do with the number of chips you bag, as Mike Harvey proved Thursday night in the 117-entry Day 1A. Harvey, who has a number of big cashes in NorCal tourneys, ran his stack up to an impressive 497,000 by the time the bag-n-tag was reached with 20 minutes left in Level 17.

Harvey set the top-stack-mark very high, let's see how players run in the next three flights as they establish their places on the Day 2 Leaderboard. Below are all 12 players who moved on, and their chipcounts.

Matt Gouge Sacramento, CA 29,500
Mike Harvey San Francisco, CA 497,500
Jasun Nguyen Elk Grove, CA 57,000
Sean Drake Citrus Heights, CA 168,000
Hieu Le Elk Grove, CA 119,000
Kevin Coughran Roseville, CA 118,000
Jeff Sardella Auburn, CA 54,000
Chris Conkright Icampo, CA 70,500
Nikolaus Harkness Sausalito, CA 138,000
Masoud Shojaei El Dor' Hills, CA 153,000
Steve Jackson Chicago Park, CA 81,000
Clive Berman Irvine, CA 261,500