Saturday, July 30, 2016

How Long Will Today go?

Players in today's Day 1D Monolith have been asking how long it is going to be until players bag chips for Day 2. Play continues until down to the final 10 percent of the starting field, between 9-10 hours from start so best estimate is by 9pm players are close to wrapping it up.

Players finishing in the top 12 percent today all cash, with those from 10-12 percent cashing for $650 but not advancing to Sunday.

Here's when the previouos three flights concluded, for your browsing entertainment.

Day 1A ended with 20 minutes remaining in Level 17 - 10 hours beginning-to-end.

Day 1B ended with 8 minutes left in Level 16 - 9:30 from start-to-finish.

Day 1C ended with 9 minutes remaining in Level 18- 10:30 start-to-finish

Level - 2
Blinds 75/150
Entries - 288
Total Entries - 704