Friday, July 22, 2016

Ma and Pa Play Poker Too

That's Kathy @Stahly44 Stahl's Ma and Pa - otherwise known as Jan and Ken Stahl - who have come out to play Day 1C of the $155 Catapult with a $100,000 guarantee here at Thunder Valley. 

Kathy has a history of #RunGood here, having taken down one of the $425 Monoliths (way back before it was KNOWN as the Monolith) for a $60,000 payday. 

Ma and Pa, I mean Jan and Ken, have come now to win their share. They may have to get past their own daughter, however, to do so, as Kathy bagged 209,000 in Day 1A on Thursday.

Level - 3
Blinds - 100/200
Day 1C Entries So Far- 194
Total Entries So Far - 750

Dan Ross -