Thursday, July 28, 2016

Monolith Satellite Madness Today

Our $250,000 Guaranteed Monolith $425 kicks off today, and we have both $55 and $100 satellites today for players to win their way in to one of the most popular tournaments we run here at Thunder Valley.

11am is a $55 satellite where 1-in-10 entries wins a seat in the $425 Monolith.
1pm and 8pm is a $100 satellite where 1-in-5 entries wins a seat into the tourney with close to 1,000 total entries expected.

Structure sheets are included here for everyone to check out.

The Monolith kicks off today at 4pm with Day 1A. Friday has two starting flights - Day 1B at 11am and Day 1C at 4pm. The final flight - at 11am Saturday - is expected to have well in excess of 400 total entries, so take a sot at bag-n-taggin' in one of the earlier flights and avoid the last-flight rush.