Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Chipleader

Gary Pisarek and Edmond Barna end up in a small preflop bidding war, with 60,000 in the pot before there's a flop. The cards come out 5♦️ 3♥️ 6♥️, Pisarek gets his remaining 432,000 chips in and Barna calls off his 400,000 stack.

Pisarek - A-A for the ultimate overpair
Barna - A♥️ J♥️ for a flush draw

There's a K♣️ on the turn, and the J♣️ does pair Barna, but it is not enough to help, and the biggest pot of the tournament so far goes to Pisarek, who moves to the top of the leaderboard.

Gary Pisarek - 905,000

Level - 15
Blinds - 3000/6000
Antes - 1000
Players Left - 97

Dan Ross -