Sunday, July 31, 2016

One Turlock Down

Joe Fernandez opens for 1800 from UTG+1, Toan Nguyen calls, as does Vincent Chung. The flops comes out 9♥️ 5♥️ J♠️, Fernandez checks, Nguyen makes it 30,000, then Chung methodically cuts out 105,000 for a raise. Fernandez snap-calls for his tournament life and Nguyen gets out of the way.

Fernandez - 99 for middle set
Chung - 8♥️ T♥️ for a flush draw and an open-ended straight draw.

The Q♥️ gives Chung the flush, putting Fernandez out there looking to pair the board.

The river is a 3 and Chung scores the knockout of the owner of central California's Turlock Poker Room.

Vincent Chung - 335,000
Joe Fernandez - 51st place - $1,150

Level - 19
Blinds - 4000/8000
Antes - 1000
Players - 50

Dan Ross -