Saturday, July 23, 2016

Record Field as 1D Starts

270 players seated, another 60 at registration, already more than 1,100 total entries ... Ben Erwin, Director of Poker Operations gives the "Cards in the Air," ... welcome to Day 1D of the $100,000 guaranteed $155 Catapult, event 1 of the Ante Up Poker Tour World Championships.

The guarantee fell last night, so everything today goes atop that, looking at between $175,000 to mayyyyyyyybe $200,000 in the prize pool by the time tonight's 4pm Day 1E closes its registration at 6:45pm.

This is crushing the all-time record field for a tournament field at Thunder Valley, set last February with 1,106 entries when the Catapult was first held. Once registration closes the 'new' record should be up to 400 more entries than any tournament ever held onsite.

Start with 12,000 chips, play 20-minute levels during the 6 levels that registration (and a single re-entry per player, per flight) is open, then play 30-minmute levels until 8 percent of the field remains. That's when the bag-n-tag takes place and players come back at 1pm Sunday for Day 2.

Level - 1
Blinds 25/50
Entries - 270
Total Entries So Far - 1,103