Friday, July 29, 2016

Turlock v Turlock

Day 1B
Bojana Weimer makes it 6200 preflop and gets 6, yes, 6 callers - including Joe Fernandez, owner of Turlock Poker Room where Weimer and her husband Tim play often.

The flop is A♦️ 6♣️ J♣️ and Weimer makes it 15000, only to see Fernandez shove - any everyone else get out of the way.

"How do I get myself in hands like this," says Weimer, "And what could you have, a flush draw, maybe a set?"

Talking herself out of those possiblities, Weimer feels she may be good here and calls.

Weimer - A9
Fernandez - AT

Well, she may not have been good on the flop, but the 9♥️ turn gives here two pair and a commanding lead.

That's the J river and it takes a moment for people to realize it paired the board, corrupting Weimer's 9's, giving both players Aces and Jacks with the Ten of Fernandez now playing.

Bojana Weimer - 18,000
Joe Fernandez - 150,000

Players are now on a 15-minute break to color-up the 100 chips. When play returns, action is at

Level - 15
Blinds 1500/3000
Antes - 500
Players Left - 24
12 move on to Day 2