Saturday, August 6, 2016

180 Through 1

One 40-minute level is gone and the board shows 179 players have joined Kyle Kitagawa in Day 1B of the $500,000 guaranteed Main Event.

There's quite the crowd of familiar faces in their seats today, making for some pretty tough-n-interesting tables.

Among those I saw on a first-pass between the tables was one with Steve Gee, Greg White, Ed Miller, Victor Paredes and Bill Wendling.

Right behind them is Randy Gil in the 9 seat, battling his brother, Ron, in the 1 seat.

Defending Ante Up World Champion Cy Williams is here, as is late year-s runner up - who also happens to be the winner of the inaugural Worlds - Justo Avalos.

Player of the Series Dalton Still is here, along with Todd Graham, Charisse Case, Kathy Stahl, Gina Stagnitto, Darrell Cain, Rick Peterson, Damion Underwood, Walter Robertson, Mike Harvey, Tim Weimer, F. Soria, Brian Gudim, Eric Werner, Valerie Cross, Jun Gao, Jake Lipton, Sean Drake, Jae Pak, Dan Stir, Jamie Rones, Jerry Utke, Craig Gold, Jeff Wakamiya, Duke Lee, Loren Cloninger, Sok Chean, Matt Boddorf, Darrell Dier and Travis Fujisaka.

Level - 2
Blinds - 75/150
Players - 180