Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Action8 Final 35 in Photos

Down to 35 players in Day 2 of Action8 and here the players are, table-by-table, starting with table 1. That's Tyler Patterson in the 1 seat, I see Bill Watchman in the 3, Tom West in the 6 and Ed Miller in the 7.

Table 2 had Kelly Douglas in the 4 seat, and Big Stacks Kevin Nathan in teh 6 and George Cabrey in the 7.

Start of day chipleader Daniel Evans is in the 1 seat over at table 3, along with defending Ante Up World Champion Cy Williams in the 2 and Rickey Evans in the 6

Table 4 has Vien Chau partially hidden in the 1 seat, Brent Bruno in the 3 as table chipleader and Frazan Rahman as another big stack in the 7 seat.

Yep, That's Lon McEachern, the voice of the WSOP on ESPN, in the 1 seat at table 5, with James Hammer in the 4 and Craig Gold in the 7.