Thursday, August 4, 2016

Final 8 in Head-to-Head

The quarterfinals are set - these eight players are in the money and playing for their bracket title, to make the Final Four and move to the winner's stage and the $6,424 being awarded tonight to the AnteUpWord Head-to-Head Champion.

In the Clubs Bracket,  Matt Kramer squares off against Mike Postle.

Brian Giles is set to play against Eric Werner for the Diamonds Bracket top dog. The winner of Kramer/Postle and Werner/Giles advances to the Championship best 2-out-of-3

Matt Boddorf squares off against Sean Drake in the Hearts Bracket, while James Arrasmith meets up with Chris Penfield in the Spades Bracket. The winner of Drake/Boddorf faces off against the winner of Penfield/Arrasmith to be in the Championships.