Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First Break Action8 Stacks

Lon McEachern and friends are on their first 10-minute break of Action8's Day 2, and we managed to grab chipstacks from a handful of players. Lon is at 530,000.

Daniel Evans started the day well out in front of the field, but the field has moved forward while he's slipped back a bit. Evans is at 510,000

George Cabrey has moved in to the chiplead, sitting at 845,000 after 18 levels.

Tyler Patterson joined George Cabrey making big moves up the leaderboard. 
Patterson is 2nd in chips now with 730,000

Reno's Bill Watchman (OK, Sparks, but what's 7 miles among friends) 
is one of the shorter stacks with 110,000

The defending HPT Thunder Valley Champ, Tom West, is among the short stacks at 135,000

Kelly Douglas is 0-for-6 on all-ins against shorter stacks so far today and still has 
165,000 in front of him

Al Sanchez is hovering right around the 300k mark.

Defending Ante Up World Champion Cy Williams has just crossed the half-milly barrier.

Craig Gold is right about at average stack with 345,000