Wednesday, August 3, 2016

From Short to Chipped Up

Donald Landwirth was down to 4BB on the 24-player redraw, more than doubled on the first few hands after the redraw, then saw himself in a spot where Isaac Dietz was pushing all in, and Landwirth made the call

Dietz - Kc Kc

Landwirth - Kc Kc

The flop of Kc Kc Kc gave Landwirth a set but gave Dietz a Broadway draw. The board ran out KcKc and as the dealer counted out the stacks, Landwirth had Dietz covered by about 2BB and Landwirth is up to 20BB now.

Donald Landwirth - 495,000

Kelly Douglas was eliminated - and there was a LevelUp - while writing this up, moving Action8 to

Level - 20
Blinds - 12000/24000
Antes - 4000
Players - 17