Friday, August 5, 2016

Gonzalez Gets a KO

JC Tran opens for 2,700, Rafael Gonzalez calls, then the player in the 9 seat bumps it to 6,500, Tran gets out of the way and Gonzalez calls.

This is all relayed to me by the dealer, for I didn't show up until the    

9 seat makes it 10,000, Gonzalez bets enough to put him all-in, and after a lengthy pause, he calls off his stack.

Gonzalez -  
9 Seat -   

There's no queen on the river and Gonzalez, who took second in the $250,000 guaranteed Monolith last weekend, scores the knockout.

Rafael Gonzalez - 145,000

Level - 11
Blinds - 600/1200
Antes - 200
Players left - 63