Monday, August 8, 2016

Haletky Battles for $87k

A single cash for $5,122 from the $565 buyin WSOP Colossus six weeks ago is what made up Jaime Haletky's poker resume coming in to the 2016 Ante Up World Championships $500,000 guaranteed $1,650 Main Event.

He made Day 2 with 93,000 - 12BB - good for 60th place out of the 70 players who made Day 2. He worked that up to a half-million stack and 10/27 on the 3-table redraw, and was 8/9 with 745,000 as final table play began.

Haletky stayed out of the way through much of the final table, chipping up without drawing a lot of attention to himself, climbing to more than 2 million and holding there until heads-up play began.

Despite being a 5-1 underdog when HU play started, Haletky worked his way back and took the lead, finding himself soon a single card away from the title. Rivered trips cut him down to 4BB, and he played back to a 3-1 deficit before falling Q9 > QT on a A-Q-3-2-J board on the final hand.

Jaime Haletky - 2nd place - $87,636

That wraps up 18 days and 20 tournaments with $1,000,000 offered in guarantees for the 2016 Ante Up World Championships.

Dan Ross -