Thursday, August 4, 2016

Head-to-Head, Every Match

Here are the matches for the 2016 Ante Up Worlds Head-to-Head Championships, with one of the featured first-round matches pairing Mike Postle (above) the 2015 Ante Up Players of the year against Dalton Still, current leader in the Ante Up Player of the Series Race.

Clubs Bracket Round 2 R3 Sfinals xx Qfinals R3 Round 2 Hearts Bracket
K. Grewing M. Boddorf
D. Lyons J. Chan
M. Kramer J. Nguyen
T. West F. Soria
D. Nguyen J. Haddox
C. Gold C. Hill
R. Nicholson H. Andrew
B. Dunn C. Knight
E. Fyfe J. Arent
D. Triggs K. O'Donnell
M. Postle S. Drake
D. Still J. jones
K. Tarasen M. Errencanli M. Errencanli
S. Alexander B. Watchman
D. Jarrett P. Brown
K.Vang A. Nguyen
Diamond Bracket Spades Bracket
D. Walker V. Chau
E. Domique T. Carpenter
M. Harvey A. Dunn
E. Castro G. wagner G. Wagner
F. Tafti E. Nelson
J. Pedretti C. Penfield
E. Werner G. Elko
M. Gorenc T. Patterson
B. Giles J. Arrasmith
M. Riddle R. Christian
A. Pham P. Fellner
S. McCormack R. Villamin
C. Wiegmann BYE
J. Griffiths E. Eichmann
R. Leonis T. Curl
S. Long K. Nathan