Sunday, August 7, 2016

KO Down

Ron Gil moves all in for his last 48,500 and Kevin O'Donnell makes the call for all but 1SB.

Gil - 77
O'Donnell - AJ

The 5-4-Q flop changes nothing, but O'Donnell catches the A turn, and Gil stands up, moving away from the table. He stops dead in his tracks when the table lets out a collective groan and gasp as a 7 hits the river.

All-in the very next hand with that 1SB, O'Donnell doesn't get there and KO is KO'd 13 minutes from end of the day.

Ron Gil - 100,000

Level - 17
Blinds - 2500/5000
Antes - 500
Players - 52

Dan Ross -