Wednesday, August 3, 2016

More For Tyler and Goodnight Lon

Lon McEachern was building his stack back up, but two flips failed to go his way and he is out in 6th place, cashing for $4,470.

Lon called the all-in from Bill Watchman and the race was on, 88 for Lon and AK for Bill. The Ace on the Turn gave Bill the double.

A few hands later and Lon was all in for his last 545,000 with 77, called by chipleader Tyler Patterson's KQ. Again, it was the turn card that did Lon in....

5 players remain, $21,150 and a Main Event seat for the winner
2nd gets $14,195
3rd cashes for $9,850
4th takes home $7,200
5th is a 5,600 payday.