Thursday, August 4, 2016

Most First Round Matches FInished

Here are the Head-to-Head first round matches that have completed, and the ones still in progress, by bracket.

CLUBS BRACKET - All first round matches complete
Lyons def Grewing
Kramer def West
Lyons plays Kramer Round 2

D. Nguyen def Gold
Nicholson def B. Dunn
D. Nguyen plays Nicholson Round 2

Triggs def Fyfe
Postle def Still
Triggs plays Postle Round 2

Tarasen def Alexander
Vang def jarrett
Tarasen plays Vang Round 2

DIAMONDS BRACKET - all first round matches complete
Walker def Domique
Castro def harvey
Walker plays Castro Round 2

Tafti def Pedretti
Werner def Gorenc
Tafti plays Werner Round 2

Giles def Riddle
Pham def McCormack
Giles plays Riddle Round 2

Wiegmann def Griffiths
Long def Leonis
Wiegmann plays Long Round 2

Boddorf/Chan continues
J. Nguyen def Soria
J. Nguten plays Boddorf/Chan winner

Haddox def Hill
Andrew/Knight continues
Haddox plays Andrew/Knight winner

O'Donnell def Arent
Drake def Jones
O'Donnell plays Drake Round 2

Errencanli def Watchman
Brown def Nguyen
Errencanli plays Brown Round 2

Chau def Carpenter
Wagner def A. Dunn
Chau plays Wagner Round 2

Nelson/Penfield winner plays
Elko/Patterson winner
Both matches continue

Arrasmith def Christian
Fellner def Villamin
Arrasmith plays Feller Round 2

Eichmann a bye
Nelson def Curl
Eichmann plays Nelson Round 2