Thursday, August 4, 2016

Round 2 Head-to-Head Matches

Matt Boddorf can win Player of the Series by taking down the Head-to-Head Championship today. His is one of three first-round matches still in progress. here is how Round 2 lays out.

Lyons v Kramer 
D. Nguyen v. Nicholson 
Lyons/Kramer winner plays D. Nguyen/Nicholson Round 3

Triggs v. Postle 
Tarasen v. Vang
Triggs/Postle winner plays Tarasen/Vang Round 3

Walker v. Castro
Tafti v Werner
Walker/Castro winner plays Tafti/Werner Round 3

Giles v. Riddle
Wiegmann v. Long
Giles/Riddle winner plays Wiegmann/Long Round 3

J. Nguyen v Boddorf/Chan (Round 1 in progress) 
Haddox v. Knight
J. Nguyen v Boddorf/Chan winner plays HaddoxKnight Round 3

O'Donnell v. Drake
Errencanli v. Brown
O'Donnell/Drake winner plays Errencanli/Brown Round 3

Chau v. Wagner Round 2
Penfield v. Elko/Patterson (Round 1 in progress)
Chau v. Wagner winner plays Penfield v. Elko/Patterson winner Round 3

Arrasmith v. Feller
Eichmann v. Nelson
Arrasmith/Feller winner plays Eichmann/Nelson Round 3