Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Lon and Tyler Show

Lon McEachern and Tyler Patterson began Thursday's Day 1A Action8 at the same table. In the very first level it was Tyler cracking Lon's AA with AJ. A few hours later, both players had busted on their first entry, had re-entered and were back at the same table yet again.

Each made it through Day 1A, made it through 31 more players in Day 2 and now find themselves back at the same table yet again. 

Well, they HAVE to be at the same table now, for this is the FINAL table of the $100,000 guaranteed $250 Action8. Top prize is $21,150, including an entry in the $500,000 Guaranteed Ante Up World Championships $1650 Main Event. The mincash at this point is $2,550.