Saturday, October 22, 2016

A 1 and a 2 ..

The top 2 players in @HPTPoker Player of the Year race are both in today's Day 2 $2500 Championship Event field.

Ryan Gregor (above) won the HPT Main Event in Kansas City, was 3rd in Vicksburg, MS and 7th in Blackhawk, CO along with a 11th two weeks ago in Reno.

Cord Garcia - HPT Cord, or Colossus Cord, if you will - won the most recent HPT Blackhawk, CO Main Event, followed that up with a mincash in Daytona Beach and a 6th in Reno.

Win the Player of the Year and earn an entry - and hotel room too - to SIX HPT events for Season XIII, so the players have a big goal to aim for.

This is not a 2-person race, however, as the person who is 3rd in the standings, February 2016 HPT Blackhawk Champ Aaron Thomas, bagged 244,400 as the Day 1A top stack.

Add in Casey Carroll (4th) Craig Casino (6th) and Nick Davidson (7th) who are all here today and the Player of the Year race may not be determined until 3- or 4-handed on Tuesday.