Saturday, October 22, 2016

Aaron's Ride is Smoother Now

Once down to 5800 and all-in preflop with K6 - yes, he somehow survived - HPT Blackhawk Champ Aaron Thomas just opened without looking at his cards, gets raised by Mario Lopez, looks down at his cards and moves all-in, with Lopez making the call for what looks like a WHOLe lot of his stack.

Lopez - Kc Kc
Thomas - Kc Kc

The board runs out 4-5-8-4-3 and THEN the trash-talking really ramps up.

"I opened without looking," said Thomas.
"You moved all-in without looking?" questions Lopez.

"No, I saw Jacks and moved in, but I opened without looking, lots of pros don't look at their cards before betting," said Thomas with a laugh, and Russell Garrett immediately turns to me to make sure I write that quote down.

Lopez begins to enter the game-tilt and life-tilt portion of his night as he shakes and declares he doesn't believe Thomas is going to last the next 80 minutes and bag chips for Day 2.

Aaron Thomas - 117,000
Mario Lopez - 9,000

Level - 9
Blinds - 400/800
Antes - 100
Players Left - 43

Dan Ross -
Eric Harkins photo -