Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bad Beat Jackpot Hits for $66,194

As if today's $337,239 Prize Pool for the Monolith was not enough, a HUGE roar just came up from deep within the poker room as I am breaking down all of the days equipment from doing tournament coverage.

I go over and see Amber Chatwin and a group gathered around and then ... I take a look down at the table

Kc Kc Kc is the flop
Kc turn
Kc river

Kc Kc in the 9 seat for Quads for Nick M. of Sacramento (pictured above)
Kc Kc in the 2 seat for a Royal Flush

THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a true Bad Beat Jackpot

The board shows the prize pool is $66,194 total.
The Quads gets $26,478 for Nick
The Royal Flush gets $12,239

Amber and all others at the table get $3,700 each