Friday, October 14, 2016

Final Day 1A Chipcounts

Here are the 14 players who advanced from Thursday's Day 1A into Sunday's 11am-start Day 2 of the $425 Monolith, event 1 of the Season XII HPT Championships Series.

Anthony Hugenberg Sacramento, CA 391,000
Marcus Abadi San Jose, CA 228,500
Scott Shawver Pleasanton, CA 237,000
Hung Moon Rancho Cordova, CA 206,500
Connor  Henderson Turlock, CA 183,000
Donnie Sitic LA, CA 117,000
Jim Heally Dublin, CA 95,000
Glenn Miller Mukilteo, WA 94,000
Hieu Le n/a 91,500
Matt Kramer Sacramento, CA 85,000
Maurice Wearing SF, CA 54,000
Eric Rouse Placerville, CA 50,000
Yoeri Van Erp Kentfield, CA 43,500
Greg Higa SF, CA 40,500