Sunday, October 16, 2016

Jasthi Kumar - 2-Time Monolith Champion - $60,500

Early in Day 2 it was Jasthi Kumar finding a HUGE call against Josh Moua for what was at-that-time the biggest pot of the $425 Monolith with a $250,000 guarantee.

Making the call with AA despite the board having 4 to a straight on it and Moua shoving for 85 percent of Kumar's stack, Jasthi found the call, gathered all the chips and kept putting pressure on everyone from 40 players left .. and believe me he NEVER let up.

Kumar would go from chipleader to down a few places to a BIG chiplead and roller-coaster back-and-forth as he would pressure players in to tough decisions. Sometimes that decision would double a player up, other times it would create a call or a bustout.

He doubled James Phamsopha 4-handed right after Phamsopha had made it back from having only 4BB. For a short amount of time it was Phamsopha playing his stack all the way to teh chiplead, but once heads-up play began it was Kumar who kept building the lead until taking the final hand with top pair against Phamsopha's middle pair and gutshot draw.

Kumar takes $60,500, including an entry in the $500,000 Guaranteed HPT Season CHampionship Main Event next weekend.

Kumar is the 2013 champion in this very event, making him the first-ever two-time Monolith champion.

Jasthi Kumar - $60,500 - Monolith Champion