Sunday, October 16, 2016

Jed's Traffic Trouble and Triple

Brett Mast makes it 14,000 UTG, Phil Shoup calls and Jed Hoffman (above) moves all in from the button for his last 33,000. Mast hesitates, moves over-the-top all in for another 25,000 and Shoup calls, having Mast covered by just 2 antes.

Hoffman - Kc Kc
Mast - Kc Kc
Shoup - Kc Kc

Hoffman catches the Kc  Kc Kc flop, Mast misses the Kc Kc turn and river and is eliminated, while Hoffman triples and Shoup takes the sidepot.

Hoffman missed most of the first level of play today dealing with terrible weather and traffic conditions coming over Donner Summit from Reno to get here, jackknifed big rigs and the like. He was down from 75,000 to 33,000 by the time this hand took place.

Jed Hoffman - 115,000
Phil Shoup - 55,000

Level - 18
Blinds - 3000/6000
Antes - 1000
Players Left - 78