Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kalman Leads with 21 Left @HPTPoker

There's 21 players left in the $2500 Championship Event, and Iam Kalman's pressure the final hand before break of Larissa Bushman propelled Kalman to 1,400,000 and the overall chiplead.

The board is 7-9-J-A and Bushman bets out 50,000, only to see Kalman bump it to 250,000.

Bushman hesitates, and hesitates again, and folds Kc Kc.

Kalman shows 8-T ... he flopped it ....

Players are just back from their last 10-minute-break of the night, playing down to 18 with a goal of coming back at noon tomorrow.

Level - 23
Blinds - 10000/20000
Antes - 3000
Players Left - 21