Sunday, October 16, 2016

Saelee to a Half-Milly

Trippling up early seems to be the standard for many players today in Day 2 of teh Monolith, and Jay Saelee is one of that group.

Stating today with 176,000, Saelee chipped up well early, and just called from the SB a short-stack's all-in for less than 10 percent of Saelee's stack.

Saelee - Kc Kc
Opponent - Kc Kc

There's a 5 in the window, no A or K on the turn or river, and Saelee scores the knockout.

Jay Saelee - 510,000

Level - 21
Blinds - 6000/12000
Antes - 2000
Players Left - 43