Saturday, October 22, 2016

Set for Trips

Loren Klein makes it 1200, Stephen Worland - who now has been on Loren's left three different times in this Main Event - calls, as does the player on the button. The SB moves all in for about 7000 and Johnny 'Trips' Sheehan (above) is over-the-top all-in for a lot more than 7k. Everyone gets out of the way, and the two hands are revealed.

Sheehan - Kc Kc
Opponent - Kc Kc

There's a reaction from everyone at the table when there's the Kc in the window, and the reactions get louder as the rest of the flop of Kc Kc and both players have flopped sets.

Wait, its not over yet, the turn is Kc for a flush draw.

The river is Kc, boat-over-boat and Johnny Trips gets the KO

John Sheehan - 54,000

Level - 7
Blinds - 250/500
Antes - 50
Players Left - 103