Monday, October 24, 2016

Table of Death Claims @LorenKln

There's already 11,000 in the pot preflop when we show up to see the board reading Kc Kc Kc.

Duke Lee makes it 3500, Arish Nat makes it 12,000 and Loren Klein puts his last 41,000 out there. Lee takes quite a while thinking about it before laying his cards down, and Nat makes the call for what looks to be just about equal 34BB each.

Klein - Kc Kc for a set
Nat - Kc Kc for a flush draw.

The Kc turn has Nat getting up from his seat, thinking he's not only beat but that Klein has him covered.

The river is Kc, Nat's flush hits and when the dealer counts down his stack, he has Klein covered by 2000 so Klein - the HPT Reno champ, is out.

Arish Nat - 95,000

Level - 11
Blinds - 600/1200
Antes - 200
Players Left - 169

Dan Ross -