Monday, October 17, 2016

The Biggest Escalator?

There's still 45 minutes left to register for the $155 Escalator and the field is already nearing the largest this type of tournament has ever drawn at Thunder Valley.

Registration is running until 1:30pm - and the board shows 111 entries, so this should end as the Biggest Escalator.

Among those in today's field is Matt Boddorf and LT Tran (above) - fresh off deep runs in last weekend's Monolith - along with Johnny Vargas, Shannon Kahahane, Sylvia Day, Lance Donnell, Cy Williams, Ed Miller, Marty Gorenc, Alex Aguilar, Monte Gilley, Tommy Carpenter .. and Amber Chatwin who was part of last night's Bad Beat Jackpot being hit for $66,000-plus.