Sunday, October 16, 2016

The End of the Adventures of 2-Ante-Sridhar

Late last night - after most all of the players from the Monolith were long gone, there was Sridhar Reddy at the Hold'em Radio Feature Table, heading away on the last break of the night with one 5,000 chip and one 1,000 chip on the table in front of him, and blinds moving to 3000/6000 with a 1000 ante.

Yep, he was down to 1BB and Day 1D was still three players from the money, and 11 from the bag-n-tag to move on to Day 2.

So, you are Sridhar and have 1BB coming back from break, do you even look at your cards before setting your 5k chip out there since you lost the 1k chip to the ante?

Sridhar found not one, not two but three folds before moving in on the hand that - if he loses - prevents hand-for-hand play as he'd be the bubble with another player also busting on that hand. His last two antes go in, holding J-5 against A-T. There was a T on the flop, a J on the turn, and Sridhar moved to almost 2BB.

By the end of the night, that stack was up to 128,500 and he bagged a Day 2 stack of 25BB.

Today he started a bit slow, but pushed his entire stack in with AK, called by AQ, and well, yep, that was a Q that came out, ending his day in 73rd place, a $875 cash.

Rather than a $425 loss, he had a $875 win.

Unfortunately #ForTheFans, The Adventures of 2-Ante-Sridhar have come to an end.