Friday, October 14, 2016

The Usual Suspects

There's a regular cord of players whom you can count on to see at just about every big tourney here at Thunder Valley, and a big portion of that group is here on a Friday morning for Day 1A of the $250,000 guaranteed Monolith - including -

Jasthi Kumar, Jed Hoffman, Kathy Stahl, Greg White, Glenn Larson, Jeff Day, Marty Gorenc, Darrell Dier, Shawn Roberts, Sean Drake, John Bettencourt, Toan Nguyen, Monte Gilley, Tommy Carpenter, Marcos Stokes, Mario Lopez. Dee Tiomons, Jerrry Jones, Billy Casey, Lance Donnell and Steve Kujubu are among the group lining up to register here mid-way through Level 1

Level - 1
Blinds - 50/100
Entries - 126