Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Whole Gang is Here

Central California Omaha players headed here is large numbers for today's $155 Omaha 8OB - Event 5 in the HPT Season XII Championship Series.

Darlene Asbury (above) and Roger Quillen (below) are familiar faces from Turlock Poker Room. Included in the group from Turlock, Manteca and Oakldae cardrooms are those two along with Tracy Thomas, Jerry Utke, Michael Whiteley, Doug Lockwood, Michael Trubitsky, Junior Merafuentes, Efraid Castro, Rick Peterson, Richard Patterson, Icha Ux, David Van Epps, Justin Moor, Juan Gonzalez, Rodney Washburn, Rocky Bear and Joseph Holder.

And because she didn't like here first photo - but mostly because she helped recruit everyone for coming today AND helped with the LONG list of names, here's a better photo of Tracy.