Saturday, October 22, 2016

Top @HPTPoker Day1A Stack to @asmoke21imallin

Aaron Thomas had his backpack in hand and was on his way to the rail, needing running 6's or running diamonds to keep his Day 1 hopes alive. The running diamonds came, but only moved Thomas to 12,000, barely one-third of a starting stack with little more than 2 levels left in the day.

By the time level 10 of the $2500 buyin HPT Championship Event was done, Thomas - the February 2016 HPT Blackhawk Champ - had vaulted over the entire field and bagged 244,400, 28BB more than second-stack Alex Greenblatt.

Stan Jablonski picked up a late-in-the-night near-double to move to 132,400 and 4/31 for Day 1A. He's joined in Monday's Day 2 field by the likes of JC Tran, 2016 HPT East Chicago champs Casey Carroll and Nick Davidson, Lee Markholt, Duke Lee, Mike RIddle, Kathy Stahl and Harley Wilmot

Among the Day 1A players who did not make Monday and will be looking to Saturday and/or Sunday's Noon-start Days 1B/C to bag is Greg Raymer, Tyler Patterson, Aditya Prasetyo, Cord Garcia, Chan Pelton, Loren Klein, Russell Garrett, Craig Casino, Roger Campbell, Mario Lope, Randy Gil, Jed Hoffman, Dee Timmons and Gina Stagnitto.

Here's the 31 bags from tonight ...

Aaron  Thomas Beaumont, TX 244,400
Alex Greenblatt SF, CA 216,000
Brian Johnson Grand Forks, ND 151,000
Stan Jablonski Bullhead City, AZ 132,400
Saurabh Patel San Jose, CA 129,000
Ray Villaman Truckee, CA 120,100
Quan Tran Monterey Park, CA 117,700
Cary Marshall Sun Valley, NV 110,000
Joshua Field Irvine, CA 103,800
Tom Santos Elk Grove, CA 103,300
Ian Kalman SF, CA 103,300
Eric Dilda SF, CA 103,000
Casey Carroll Grand Rapids, MI 95,600
Hoang To ELk Grove, CA 92,100
Todd Weirzbowski Mountain View, CA 88,000
Duke Lee SF, CA 83,300
Ashkun Lajevardo Fresno, CA 81,700
Frank Szuchupa Pleasant Hill, CA 81,400
Bryan Johnson Edwards, CO 81,100
Harley Wilmot Walker, CA 79,100
JC Tran Sacramento, CA 77,400
Nick Davidson Troy, MI 63,800
Nic Vu Marin, CA 56,100
Butch Hallford Palmer, AK 52,400
Larry Odegard San Jose, CA 51,600
Ron Larsen Redding, CA 50,500
Kathy Stahl Manteca, CA 48,100
Mike Riddle Elk Grove, CA 44,500
Srini Godavarthy Mountian House, CA 38,800
Lee Markholt Tacoma, WA 31,100
Henry Kim Lafayette, CA 21,600