Saturday, October 22, 2016

Who is at @HPTPoker Day 1B

Loren Klein won the most recent HPT Main Event two weekends ago at the Peppermill in Reno. He is in today's field along with a large list of local and nationally-known players, including Blair Hinkle, Cord Garcia, Allen Kessler, Neil Blumenfield, Amir Lehavot, Kathy Liebert, Tyler Patterson, Greg Raymer, Roger Campbell, Craig Casino, Russell Garrett, Ryan Gregor, Chan Pelton, Darren Rabinowitz, Loren Klein, Adam Bishop, Joe Fernandez, Jasthi Kumar, Lawrence Adams, Jed Hoffman, Larissa Bushman, Sok Chean, Cash Carpenter, Steve Kujubu, Billy Casey, Cy Williams, Justo Avalos, Kyle Kitagawa, Michael Cooper, Arish Nat, Anton Dimagiba, Walter Robertson, Jean Houle, Morty Gorenc, Eric Eichmann, Jae Pak, Lay Saelee, Alan Snow, Gina Stagnitto, Ed Lewis, Mario Lopez, Greg Wagner, Cherie Wallace and Stephen Worland.

Players are on a 15-minute break, when play resumes, action is at

Level - 3
Blinds - 150/300
Entries - 116