Monday, November 28, 2016

Results - $155 with $50 Bounties - Event 6

@AnteUpMagazine 2016 NorCal Classic closed out with a Sunday night $155 Hold'em with $50 Bounties. Here's everyone who cashed.

Place Name City Payout
1 Bienvinedo Rosal Elk Grove, CA $1,295
2 Michelle Murillo Roseville, CA $1,221
3 John Rogers Sacramento, CA $1,080
4 Daniel Kozakevich San Jose, CA $1,074
5 Robert Randolph Sacramento, CA $960
6 James Won Concord, CA $552
7 Timothy Melton Sacramento, CA $317
8 Daniel Guevara Fairfield, CA $247
9 Richard Spears Auburn, CA $176
10 Christopher Smith Marysville, CA $155

Results - $250 Action 8 - Event 5

Action 8 was one of two events on the final day of the 2016 NorCal Classic, and here are the results.

$250 Action 8
$20,425 Prize Pool
95 Entries
12 Places Paid

Place Name City Payout
1 Edmund Castles Stockton, CA $5,200
2 Justin Haller Riverbank, CA $4,433
3 Steven Tada Santa Clara, CA $2,545
4 Dalton Still Rocklin, CA $1,818
5 Leng Vang Elk Grove, CA $1,454
6 Exequiel Fernando Elk Grove, CA $1,091
7 Patrick Day Jr. Grass Valley, CA $909
8 Hedayat Emadi San Jose, CA $727
9 Antione Klink San Jose, CA $562
10 Louis Bassi Jamestown, CA $562
11 Gary Pisarek Auburn, CA $562
12 Jaime Haletky Pacific Grove, CA $562

Results - $200,000 GTD NorCal Classic Main Event

@Michael_Loncar wins the NorCal Classic Main Event for the second time in three years. Here are all the players who cashed in the 2016 Main Event.

$555 Main Event
$315,000 Prize Pool
630 Entries
72 Places Paid

Place Name City Payout
1 Michael Loncar Roseville, CA $45,895
2 James Starr Roseville, CA $31,288
3 Apollo Wallace San Francisco, CA $24,303
4 Ying Vang Sacramento, CA $33,931
5 David Valdez Vacaville, CA $26,630
6 Frankie Keeth Roseville, CA $11,876
7 James Mitchell Sacramento, CA $9,902
8 Rafael Gonzalez Modesto, CA $7,896
9 Joseph Mussat San Jose, CA $5,922
10 Deidson Camargos Concord, CA $4,356
11 Sean Drake Citrus Heights, CA $4,356
12 Andrew Duffy Grass Valley, CA $4,356
13 Ky Ngheim San Jose, CA $3,541
14 Thomas Haury San Francisco, CA $3,541
15 Brian Halloran Santa Rosa, CA $3,541
16 Anthony Gaglione Newark, CA $3,039
17 Jonathan Harris Riverbank, CA $3,039
18 Jonathan Yee San Francisco, CA $3,039
19 Jim Gu Pleasant Hill, CA $2,663
20 Yotam Shmuelov San Francisco, CA $2,663
21 Joe Nguyen Sunnyvale, CA $2,663
22 Dalvinder Bains Yuba City, CA $2,381
23 Timothy Melton Sacramento, CA $2,381
24 Kim Huynh Sacramento, CA $2,381
25 Harun Begic Rocklin, CA $2,099
26 Farhad Ghafari San Jose, CA $2,099
27 Dorathea Timmons Manteca, CA $2,099
28 Francisco Loera Oakland, CA $1,817
29 Soumitra Nagar San Jose, CA $1,817
30 Exequiel Fernando Elk Grove, CA $1,817
31 Sou Tong Saeturn Sacramento, CA $1,817
32 Michael Vang Sacramento, CA $1,817
33 Daniel Kozakevich San Jose, CA $1,817
34 Stephen Kujubu Sacramento, CA $1,817
35 Steven Tada n/a $1,817
36 Rickey Evans Vacaville, CA $1,817
37 Paul McGurk San Francisco, CA $1,567
38 Luke Williams Folsom, CA $1,567
39 Michael Peters Marysville, CA $1,567
40 Timothy Trinh Elk Grove, CA $1,567
41 Arthur Barcan Tracy, CA $1,567
42 Igor Fishborn San Francisco, CA $1,567
43 Thomas Riggs Modesto, CA $1,567
44 Matthew Boddorf n/a $1,567
45 Carl Sciandri Napa, CA $1,567
46 Kao Saevang Sacramento, CA $1,347
47 Kathy Stahl Manteca, CA $1,347
48 Jeffrey Roy Modesto, CA $1,347
49 James Battaglia Chicago, IL $1,347
50 Bryan Stillwell Newcastle, CA $1,347
51 Tracy Oto Sacramento, CA $1,347
52 Michael Farinacci San Jose, CA $1,347
53 Justin Moore Waterford, CA $1,347
54 Gregory White Livermore, CA $1,347
55 Monte Gilley Live Oak, CA $1,128
56 Dalton Still Rocklin, CA $1,128
57 Richard Lambert Roseville, CA $1,128
58 Herbert Whitaker Yuba City, CA $1,128
59 Jonathan Dissinger Sacramento, CA $1,128
60 Ravi Shanmugam San Jose, CA $1,128
61 Jose Esparza Lodi, CA $1,128
62 Narunat Pansantorn American Canyon, CA $1,128
63 Brandon Henderson Grand Prairie, TX $1,128
64 Gregory Pincombe Half Moon Bay, CA $971
65 Gary Pisarek Auburn, CA $971
66 Bruce Fling Citrus Heights, CA $971
67 Rudolph Sisson Sacramento, CA $971
68 Steven Geralis Stockton, CA $971
69 Thomas Drotleff Citrus Heights, CA $971
70 Paul Brown Auburn, CA $971
71 David Madrona Grass Valley, CA $971
72 Nicky Niknam Belmont, CA $971

Loncar Wins NorCal Classic ... Again

@Michael_Loncar has been here before. For the second time in three years, the Ante Up Poker Tour NorCal Classic Main Event title is his.

Loncar made his way through the largest 2-flight Main Event field @TVPokerRoom has ever held, a 630-entry field playing for a total of $315,000.

I'd say Loncar was pretty comfortable about his chances, so much so that he showed up for his Day 1 flight wearing a bathrobe, and stayed in that robe all day and night.

Day 2 was quite a bit from the norm, as only one of the top-30 in chips to start the day - 5th place David Valdez - made the final table. Loncar started right in the middle 49/100 with 140,000 chips. He built throughout the day, and took the chiplead right after the 27-player redraw.

At the final table it was Loncar and James Starr who traded the chiplead back-and-forth for the better part of three hours. These two made it heads-up, with Loncar's top pair holding against the second pair of Starr on the final hand.

Aaannnnddddd.... for those who don't believe the bathrobe story ... here's proof.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

James Starr - 2nd Place

Both James Starr and Michael Loncar caught a piece of the 8-6-3 flop and their chips ended up in the middle, with Loncar's 8-7 ahead of the 5-6 of Starr.

Both players have backdoor straight draws as well.

The 4 on the turn gives Starr a gutshot straight draw to the 7 of Loncar.

The river is a 9 and Starr is the NorCal Classic runner-up

James Starr - second place - $31,288

Heads-Up for NorCal Classic Title

@Michael_Loncar and James Starr have traded the NorCal Classic Main Event chiplead back and forth for the better part of the last three hours at the final table. These two are the last two players remaining, with heads-up action set to begin shortly.

Apollo Wallace - 3rd Place

One hand after doubling through James Starr TT > 55, Apollo Wallace (above) is off to the races for his tournament life with AK against the 33 of Michael Loncar.

There's no paint on the flop, not on the turn, no help on the river and AK falls to 33.

Apollo Wallace - 3rd Place - $24,303.

Ying Vang - 4th Place

Ying Vang has two big cashes in Ante Up World Championship $1650 Main Events. He was 7th in 2014 and 12th last August, both here at @TVPokerRoom.

Yang just took 4th place in the NorCal Classic Main Event when his A/2 all in preflop ran in to the A/Q of Michael Loncar.

Ying Vang - 4th Place - $33,931

5th Place - David Valdez

David Valdez moves all in with 9/9 and runs in to the T/T of James Starr. Starr has Valdez covered, the board runs out 8-8-8-x-x and both players have boats, but Starr's is bigger and Valdez is out in 5th place in the Main Event.

David Valdez - $26,630

Still Captures Player of Year

Dalton @PlzFold Still took down the 2016 Ante Up World Championships Player of the Series last August and gets his picture on the cover of Ante Up Magazine. If that was not enough, Still has just secured the overall Ante Up Poker Tour Player of the Year title with additional cashes in events here during the NorCal Classic.

Still and Matt Boddorf battled down to the Main Event where Still cashed in 56th and Boddorf 44th. The Player of the Year race was up for grabs, however, with Still leading by about 41 points. Still jumped in the 2pm Action8 and Boddorf the 7pm Bounty Event - the final two tournaments in the series and of the year for the poker tour. Boddorf needed to cash in the Bounty and finish higher than Still would in Action 8.

Boddorf was unable to finish in the money in the bounty tourney, while Still remains in the Action8 and in the money, securing his win.

There's three nights at Thunder Valley Resort and a $250 resort credit coming to Still during the 2017 Ante Up World Championships for his Player of the Year title.

Final 5 Battling

Michael Loncar, Apollo Wallace, Ying Vang, James Starr and David Valdez are fighting for the cover of the next Ante Up Magazine and an entry in to the 2017 Ante Up World Championships to be held here at @TVPokerRoom for the fourth consecutive year. Loncar holds the chiplead 5-handed, and just about every one of the other four has been all-in, at-risk, and has won, in the last 45 minutes.

Blinds - 60k/120k
Antes - 20k
Players - 5

Event 6 - $155 w/$50 Bounties - PayLadder

86 $50 bounties were at risk in tonight's final event in the 2016 NorCal Classic. Here is the PayLadder.

$155 w/$50 Bounties
$7,052 Prize Pool
86 Entries
9 Places Paid

Place Payout
1 $2,468
2 $1,410
3 $917
4 $635
5 $494
6 $388
7 $317
8 $247
9 $176

Guarantees Next 2 Saturdays

@TVPokerRoom hosts guaranteed prize pool tournaments each of the next two Saturdays.

Next Saturday - Dec. 3 - is the First Saturday $40,000 guaranteed $300 buyin

Saturday Dec. 10 is the One-Day-$100k guarantee, a $400 buyin.

The First Saturday always draws a big field, and the One-Day-100K is one of the most popular tournaments on the yearly calendar.

Check out all the details on the Thunder Valley Resort Website.

The Lead Grows

Trip 5's for @Michael_Loncar with A/5 of a x-5-x-x-5 board against James Starr - that's the same A5 Starr was holding a few hands earlier when he lost a race with Loncar for the chiplead.

Loncar moves to 7.1 million, Starr slips to 3 million.

Level - 29
Blinds - 50k/100k
Antes - 10k
Players - 5

Switch Goes the Chiplead

There's already a bet of 700,000 from chipleader James Starr on a board of Kc Kc Kc Kc, and 1,600,000 in the pot.  Michael Loncar (above) moves all-in for 1,435,000 total. Starr confirms the count of Loncar's chips by the dealer, and makes the call, having about 3,400,000 behind after the call.

Loncar turns over 7/7 for a turned set and he's in a race as Starr has Kc Kc for a flopped second pair and a turned flush draw.

The river is Kc and Loncar's celebratory chant echoes through the room.

Michael Loncar - 5,470,000
James Starr - 3,400,000

Blinds - 50k/100k
Antes - 10k
Players - 5

Keeth out in 6th

Just after the bustout of James Mitchell in 7th, it is Frankie Keeth (above) finishing in 6th place in the NorCal Classic Main Event.

Here is what Keeth cashed for, along with the cashes for the players in 7-13th place.

6 Frankie Keeth Roseville, CA $11,876
7 James Mitchell Sacramento, CA $9,902
8 Rafael Gonzalez Modesto, CA $7,896
9 Joseph Mussat San Jose, CA $5,922
10 Deidson Camargos Concord, CA $4,356
11 Sean Drake Citrus Heights, CA $4,356
12 Andrew Duffy Grass Valley, CA $4,356
13 Ky Ngheim San Jose, CA $3,541

Starr With Massive Chiplead

James Mitchell opens for 500,000. James Starr (above) 3-bets to 1,500,000. Mitchell doesn't hesitate much, then moves all in for 2,860,000 and Starr snap-calls, creating a 5,7 milly pot, by FAR the biggest pot of the entire NorCal Classic Main Event. Starr has Mitchell covered by about 1.5 million.

Mitchell shows TT
Starr shows KK

The board blanks and Starr - who already had a big chiplead, moves to 7,360,000 total, just shy of half of all the chips in play.

Blinds - 40k/80k
Antes - 10k
Players - 6

An @AnteUpMagazine Final Table Family

Cherie and Apollo Wallace may be the Ante Up Final Table Couple of the Year. Actually, I don't think it is even close.

Cherie finished 5th in the Ante Up World Championships here at Thunder Valley last August - she also finished 7th here in 2014 in the NorCal Classic Main Event.

Apollo is 7-handed right now for the NorCal Classic title

Rafael Gonzalez - 8th Place - $7,896

All in for his tournament life with 3/3, Rafael Gonzalez (above) runs in to the J/J of James Mitchell and Gonzalez does not improve.

Rafael Gonzalez - 8th place - $7,896
James Mitchell - 2,900,000

Level - 28
Blinds - 40k/80k
Antes - 10k
Players - 7

Final Table Status Achieved

With dual-bustouts taking us down to 9, the final table is set for the 2016 Ante Up Poker Tour's $555 NorCal Classic. Here the players are in seat position order, starting with 2014 NorCal Classic Champ Michael Loncar with 1,980,000

Joseph Mossat - Seat 2 - 435,000

Frankie Keeth - Seat 3 - 1,445,000

James Mitchell - Seat 4 - 1,500,000

Apollo (Mr. Cherie) Wallace - Seat 5 - 1,425,000

Ying Vang - Seat 6 - 1,750,000

James Starr - Seat 7 - 4,150,000

Rafael Gonzalez - Seat 8 - 1,200,000

David Valdez - Seat 9 - 1,920,000

Level - 27
Blinds - 30k/60k
Antes - 10k
Players - 9

Dan Ross -

Payouts 16-24

Dal @XrayBains is among the players who cashed in 14-24th place in the NorCal Classic $555 Main Event. here are those cashes.

16 Anthony Gaglione $3,039
17 Jonathan Harris $3,039
18 Jonathan Yee $3,039
19 Jim Gu $2,663
20 Yotam Shmuelov $2,663
21 Joe Nguyen $2,663
22 Dalvinder Bains $2,381
23 Timothy Melton $2,381
24 Kim Huynh $2,381

Payouts 25-36

Dee @DNUTZS888 Timmons is among the group of players who finished 25th-36th place in the 2016 NorCal Classic. Here are their cashes.

25 Harun Begic $2,099
26 Farhad Ghafari $2,099
27 Dorathea Timmons $2,099
28 Francisco Loera $1,817
29 Soumitra Nagar $1,817
30 Exequiel Fernando $1,817
31 Sou Tong Saeturn $1,817
32 Michael Vang $1,817
33 Daniel Kozakevich $1,817
34 Stephen Kujubu $1,817
35 Steven Tada $1,817
36 Rickey Evans $1,817

Winning With Jacks, the Quads Version

All in for his tournament life, James Mitchell turns over JJ and has run in to the AA of Thomas Haury.

So, how do you play JJ when behind? You flop a Jack and turn another for quads.


Haury was eliminated a few hands later in 14th place, cashing for $3,541.

Level - 26
Blinds 20k/40k
Antes - 5k
Players - 13

Action 8 Doubles the Guarantee

Event 5 in @AnteUpMagazine Poker Tour's NorCal Classic - the $250 Action 8 with a $10,000 Prize Pool - just closed registration with 95 total entries and a prize pool of $20,425, doubling the guarantee.

Check out the photo above for the scheduled payouts.

7pm is the final event of the series, the $155 Hold'em with $50 bounties.

Milly Stacks

James Starr is almost 500k clear of the field with 16 players remaining in the 2016 NorCal Classic $555 Main Event. Here is the list of players who are more than a milly in chips.

2,050,000 - James Starr
1,500,000 - Michael Loncar
1,500,000 - Apollo Wallace - (Cherie, Apollo say "Hi, I love you."
1,200,000 - David Valdez
1,000,000 - Rafael Gonzalez

Level - 26
Blinds - 20k/40k
Antes - 5k
Players - 16

Dan Ross -

$50 Bounties Tonight

The final event for 2016 for the entire Ante Up Poker Tour takes place tonight at 7pm with Event 6 in the NorCal Classic series, a $155 Hold'em with $50 bounties.

Start with 10,000 chips and play 20-minute levels in this never-any-antes tournament.

Late registration closes at the start of Level 4 at 8:35pm.

20th for Shmuelov

Yotam Shmuelov moves in for his last 5BB and Brian Halloran moves over the top all-in for 635,000. Action folds around to Apollo Wallace who sure looks like he wants to call the two all-ins and still have 200k behind.

Wallace finds a fold and celebrates when he sees the hands.

Shmuelov - T/T
Halloran - A/A

"I had A/K," says Wallace.

The board blanks and Halloran gets the knockout, Shmuelov gets 20th place and Wallace holds on to his 800k.

Level - 25
BLinds - 15k/30k
Antes - 5k
Players - 19


Roller Coasters make me sick. The ride Kim Huynh was on today would have sent me to hospital.

Huynh started today with a big chiplead, her 667,000 was nearly 200k clear of the field. She went up to 850,000, down to 300,000 then up to 1.282 milly on the 27-player redraw as the 2nd-stack in the Main Event.

Michael Loncar, however, took 2/3rds of that stack right after redraw, and Huynh just called off her remaining stack on the river with Ace-high .. and she was not good, ending her day in 24th place.

Players are on a 15-minute break. when they return, action is at

Level - 25
Blinds 15k/30k
Antes 5k
Players - 22

Dan Ross -

Loncar Takes Chiplead

2 years ago @Michael_Loncar was known for winning the NorCal Classic Main Event
Yesterday, he was known for showing up for 2016 NorCal Classic Main Event Day 1B in a bathrobe.

Now he is known as chipleader with 26 players left.

Loncar just doubled through Kim Hunyh in a 1.75 milly pot, Huynh slipping down to 400,000.

Level - 24
Blinds - 12000/24000
Antes - 4000
Players - 26

Gonzalez on a Heater

Both here @TVPokerRoom and @TurlockPoker, Rafael Gonzalez (above) has been on an extended #RunGood.

Gonzalez is the 2016 WPTDeepStacks Turlock Player of the Series from late May. He had a win, a 3rd, a 4th and was 14th in the $1,100 Main Event.

He came to Thunder Valley in late July and was runner-up to Joe Christman in the Ante Up World Championships version of The Monolith $425.

Last week he won the TurlockChampionship Series $550 Main Event.

Now he is at 1,100,000 with 18 players remaining in the NorCal Classic $555 buyin.

Seems the $225-$1,100 range is a place where Gonzalez feels VERY comfortable.

Level - 25
Blinds - 15k/30k
Antes - 5k
Players - 18


Down to the final 27 players in the 2016 @AnteUpMagazine Poker Tour $555 NorCal Classic Main Event. Here is the redraw with chipcounts.

Table 1
1 Joseph Mussat 445,000
2 Frankie Keeth 735,000
3 David Madrona 645,000
4 James Mitchell 407,000
5 Anthony Y 699,000
6 Jonathan Yee 595,000
7 Sean Drake 680,000
8 Jim Gu 349,000
9 Jonathan Harris 915,000
Table 2
1 Dal Bains 262,000
2 Apollo Wallace 960,000
3 Harun Begic 264,000
4 Yotam Shmuelov 148,000
5 Andrew Duffy 578,000
6 Brian Halloran 735,000
7 Tim Melton 308,000
8 Rafael Gonzalez 684,000
9 Dee Timmons 300,000
Table 3
1 James Starr 1,300,000
2 Ky Nghiem 276,000
3 Farhad Ghafari 148,000
4 Joe Nguyen 872,000
5 Deidson Camargos 560,000
6 Thomas Haury 438,000
7 Michael Loncar 849,000
8 Kim Huynh 1,282,000
9 Ying Vang 640,000

$1,567 for This Nine

Matt @PokerNews916 Boddorf cashes in 44th place in today's 2016 NorCal Classic Main Event. Here is everyone who joined Boddorf at the $1,567 cash level.

37 Paul McGurk $1,567
38 Luke Williams $1,567
39 Michael Peters $1,567
40 Timothy Trinh $1,567
41 Arthur Barcan $1,567
42 Igor Fishborn $1,567
43 Thomas Riggs $1,567
44 Matthew Boddorf $1,567
45 Carl Sciandri $1,567