Sunday, November 27, 2016

Boddorf Down, Not Totally Out

There's a raise to 33,000 and @PokerNews916 Matt Boddorf (above) moves all in for his last 220,000. Action folds around to the original raiser who snap-calls to put Boddorf's tournament and Player of the Year life at risk.

Boddorf - 7/7
Opponent - Q/Q

Boddorf is looking for a 2-outer to keep both his Main Event and Player of teh Year hopes alive. He needs a 26th or better Main Event finish to move in to the POY lead.

The board blanks and Boddorf is eliminated in 44th place.

Boddorf earns 141.69 Player of the Year points, moving him to 1740.48 total points, just 40.88 points behind the POY-leading 1781.36 of Still.

Still has just bought in to the $250 Action8 going on right now, while Boddorf is debating his options. There is also a 7pm $155 with $50 bounties to take place. A cash in either of the two final events by Boddorf - and no cash for Still - and Boddorf becomes the Ante Up Poker Tour Player of the Year.

Level - 23
Blinds - 10000/20000
Antes - 3000
Players - 42