Friday, November 25, 2016

Bracy Crushing Early

There's an open to 350 from Tony Bracy (above), a call from the player in the Hijack, then a raise to 1200 from Kyle Kitagawa (below) from the SB. Kitagawa and Bracy are two of the most aggro players in the room, have 3-bet one another preflop a few times already today, so this action is not surprising. Bracy and the HJ call the 3-bet and we're off to the flop. Take a look below Kitagawa's photo for the rest of the action.

The flop is Kc Kc Kc, Kitagawa makes it 1,600, with both Bracy and HJ flatting.

Kc is the turn, Kitagawa leading out this time for 6,500. Bracy calls and the HJ moves all in for 75 chips fewer than a full raise so Kitagawa can fold or call only. Kitagawa makes the call and Bracy now had all options available to him - fold, call or raise - and he opts to call.

The river is Kc, Kitagawa moves all in and Bracy snap-calls, having Kitagawa easily covered.

Kitagawa shows Kc Kc, but Bracy turns over Kc Kc fora boat, and Boat Don't Lie. The HJ mucks his cards, but in all-in situations all hands must be tabled, so he's left but the dealer shows Kc Kc for a busted gutshot straight draw.

Both the HJ and Kitagawa are eliminated, while Bracy - who had already knocked out a player in  Level 1, picks up his third KO in the first 45 minutes of the day and is at 73,000, a BIG chiplead right now.

Level - 2
Blinds - 75/150
Entries - 190