Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Chasing Player of Year Honors

Watch for daily updates all through the NorCal Classic on the race to win the 2016 Ante Up Poker Tour Player of the Year.

Right now, 13 of the top 15 players in the hunt for Player of the Year honors are Thunder Valley tournament players, including

1- Dalton Still
2 - Bill Watchman
4 - Matt Boddorf (above)
5 - John Mercer
6 - Joe Christman
7 - George Cabrey
8 - Todd Graham
9 - Clive Berkman
10 - Marty Gorenc
11 - Rafael Gonzalez
12 - Darrell Cain
13 - Phil Phongsaiphonh
15 - Jae Pak

Sure to move up quite a few places is 30th place (for now) Kathy Stahl who just placed 2nd earlier today in the $155 Omaha.

THere's still time to get in tonight's $125 Holiday Tournament to earn Player of the Year points.

There's also this weekend's $200,000 Guaranteed $550 NorCal Classic Main Event

There's also Sunday's 2pm $10,000 Guaranteed $250 Action 8 (8-handed, antes every hand, unlimited re-entries)

There;'s ALSO Sunday's 7pm $155 with $50 bounties ...

Yep, the potential for THREE Sunday tournaments (Main Event final day, as well) to pick up Player of the Year points.