Sunday, November 27, 2016

Keeth out in 6th

Just after the bustout of James Mitchell in 7th, it is Frankie Keeth (above) finishing in 6th place in the NorCal Classic Main Event.

Here is what Keeth cashed for, along with the cashes for the players in 7-13th place.

6 Frankie Keeth Roseville, CA $11,876
7 James Mitchell Sacramento, CA $9,902
8 Rafael Gonzalez Modesto, CA $7,896
9 Joseph Mussat San Jose, CA $5,922
10 Deidson Camargos Concord, CA $4,356
11 Sean Drake Citrus Heights, CA $4,356
12 Andrew Duffy Grass Valley, CA $4,356
13 Ky Ngheim San Jose, CA $3,541