Friday, November 25, 2016

Lots of @WSOP Circuit Sucess

Matthew Betti (above) brought a WSOP Circuit ring back from Lake Tahoe last month as he won the $365 Monster Stack event. Betti was 8th in the same event in 2015, and took down the title - and won the ring - this year.

Betti needed to get past two other TVPokerRoom regulars at the final table to win the wing. Cary Marshall was 4th and Charisse Case was 7th in that event. Marshall also had a 8th in the seniors event in the Lake Tahoe series.

The Circuit Tahoe series always draw a lot of TVPokerRoom regulars, as it is the closest circuit event to this area. A number of players familiar to this house had a lot of Tahoe success.

Julian Galvan won a ring in Event 2, Dee Timmons, Loren Cloninger, Harley Wilmot and Anne Bui all had runner-up finishes in $365 ring events,  Cheri Svensen was runner-up in the ladies event, Sean Drake had a third-place finish, while both Bill Watchman (4th) and Valerie Hanley (7th) final tabled the $1,675 Main Event (Tony Yuke was the FT bubble). Watchman was also 9th in another ring event.

Mark Lehnert was 5th and Shawn Roberts 6th in the $580, Roberts also had a 5th place in one ring event, Junior Merafuentes was 4th when Timmons took 2nd in one of the $365's, Chrissy Merafuentes was 9th in the ladies event, with Barry Raymos, Paul Hendee and Steve Foutty all having FT finishes.

TVPokerRoom tournament regulars had final-table finishes in 13 of the 14 tournaments during the WSOP Circuit Lake Tahoe series.

And now, back to the $200k Main Event Day 1A here ...
Level - 4
Blinds - 100/200
Antes - 25
Entries - 208

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