Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NorCal Classic Starts Now

Event 1 - named after @TVPokerRoom - in the Ante Up Poker Tour NorCal Classic is a $155 Hold'em featuring 12,000 starting stacks, 20-minute levels while registration is open the first six levels - and moving to 30-minute levels once registration closes at 7:15pm for the start of Level 7.

Cards just went in the air, there's already 100 players seated and many more coming when they get off work tonight.

So, if you're playing - or not - and reading this, give @TVPokerRoom a follow on Twitter. This event is named after the Twitter account, so show it some poker-love.

Level - 1
Blinds 50/100
Entries - 100

Dan Ross - HoldemRadio.com